Windows Defender Offline just saved my day

After a lot of struckling with an issue with “Rigspolitiet koncern it (ukash)”-virus on a computer where there was no restore points and safe mode was unable to boot (dno if it had anything to do with the virus?) i tried to use windows Defender Offline.

I had never used it before, but god damn it – know that’s my favorite fix-the-malware/virus-app. Every thing else i tried didnt work out.

Check it out here: (danish)

Just download the right version, plug in an usb and start the app. Now you’re good going with a bootable version of windows defender.

Although it did not completely remove all spyware/virus on the computer i was now able to use the computer (the “Rigspolitiet koncern it (ukash) du bliver meldt til politiet”-virus was gone and not blocking the computer).



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