Lync and Skype for Business: Exchange Autodiscover lookup order

Wondering which order Lync and Skype for Business does its autodiscover for Exchange? I was struggeling with some issues and needed to know the correct order. Here you go!

Lync and Skype for Business’s order

Unlike Outlook, Lync and the SfB client does not use the SCP lookup. It only uses DNS A and SRV records to obtain the url.

It is important to know that the client will make the autodiscover against the SMTP domain and not the SIP domain (in most cases it will be the same though, i guess and hope :-))

It will then try to fetch the autodiscover in the following order:

  1. http://smtp-domain.tld/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
  2. https://smtp-domain.tld/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
  3. http://autodiscover.smtp-domain.tld/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
  4. https://autodiscover.smtp-domain.tld/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
  5. _autodiscover._tcp.smtp-domain.tld

Outlook’s order

Outlook has a little different aproach:

  1. SCP lookup in Active Directory (only domain joined computers)
  2. HTTPS domain.tld
  3. HTTPS autodiscover.domain.tld
  4. HTTP redirect method
  5. SRV record query
  6. Local XML file
  7. Cached URL in the Outlook profile (new for Outlook 2013).

For more information about Lync and SfB exchange autodiscover lookup, take a look at the blog post here



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