Connect to a WebDAV share from Windows Server 2019

I had a lot of issues connecting my Windows Server 2019 to my WebDAV share which I host on a ownCloud installation.

It worked fine on my Windows 10 machine. At the end it should show to be pretty simple what has to be done – as allways, right? 🙂

It is the Webclient-service that is not installed. In Windows Server 2019 you have to install this manually. Its the Windows Feature “WebDAV-Redirector” and is called WebDAV Redirector.

To install it from PowerShell run:

Install-WindowsFeature WebDAV-Redirector

It is required to reboot after the installation so please do so. You then have to change the StartupType to Automatic. I was not able to connect to it out-of-the-box after the installation. It seems like it should trigger an manual start of the service, but it did not. So please change the startup type by running:

Get-Service WebClient | Set-Service -StartupType Automatic

That’s it! Now you just have to connect to the WebDAV share. This can be done by the GUI or just simple use net use for it.
If its hosted with SSL (https, which i hope :-)) you should connect to it with the @SSL. Use the following command to add it as a network drive:

net use K: \\\remote.php\dav\files\rasmus /persistent:yes /user:<username> <password>

The above is for ownCloud, you should just use the path from your WebDAV server and it should work.

Update: I did see some odd behaveior with it not being remembered on reboot. After adding it from the GUI as a network drive and chose to “Reconnect at Logon” and “Use different credentials” it was saved but you still have to reconnect using the saved password. I will follow up on this anytime soon 🙂



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